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My name is Dr. Katherine Pang and I am a Licensed Psychologist. At Lighthouse Testing and Lakewood Wellness Partners we work with children, adolescents, adults, individuals, couples, and families and use cognitive behavioral techniques and strategies to address a variety of  issues. Our emphasis is on transformative change and developing the skills to reach individually identified goals and objectives. We approach each client uniquely so as to develop a treatment plan and goals that are specific to your needs and concerns. In order to help us best serve you we find testing and assessment to be useful to identify areas where treatments can be focused for your progress and success.

Why Testing is important

We believe that it is very important to obtain as much information as possible to best determine next steps and to develop appropriate treatment goals. Developing a complete diagnostic picture of each person is a part of the treatment and healing process. 

Assessment experience

​Dr. Pang has been involved with the development of an assessment to identify metacognitive - an awareness about one's own thinking process - expertise and some of the component factors that contribute to success in how we think about ourselves and our own abilities. Testing and assessment provide insights that we are sometimes unaware of and helps us to see how we think about ourselves, our relationships, and our environment. Testing and assessment is also helpful in validating thoughts that we have had but have not know how to express to others and provide us with information to develop appropriate next steps.

Working as Part of your treatment and recovery team

Lighthouse Testing works as a part of your treatment and recovery team. If you are a current counselor or therapist then Lighthouse Testing can be your testing and assessment resource. We welcome referrals from others in the mental health, medical, and social service professions to provide diagnostic reports that can be helpful in your therapy and treatment plans. If you are a mental health or medical professional or someone who is in a counseling or therapeutic environment we can work with you to provide important information to best determine next steps for your clients and patients.

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