Learning and academic success

Dr. Katherine Pang has been a professor and educator for over 25 years and has taught a variety of subjects to both undergraduate and graduate students. Dr. Pang works with gifted and talented students to address the demands of their programs as well as those who are underachieving to develop the skills to perform at higher levels. Dr. Pang performs gifted and talented assessment and other cognitive and intelligence testing.

Dr. Pang has developed a metacognitive assessment that proves that there is a strong link between academic success and the development of metacognitive skills. Dr. Pang's research in metacognition, the awareness of one's abilities to develop and manage one's learning process, has produced a model of metacognitive expertise that allows students to adapt to various instruction styles and overcome barriers to learning. Dr. Pang has worked with universities in developing academic success programs. Dr. Pang is a member of the Association of Educational Therapists.

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Dr. Pang has written two books in this field and both are available from Amazon.com

  • Assessing Metacognitive Expertise: Using the Metacognitive Expertise Assessment Tool as a Predictive Scale for Academic Achievement. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
  • Strategies for Academic Success and Retention: Metacognitive Based Activity Learning and Workbook. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Learning and academic success

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Diagnostic testing provides important information that can be used to develop personalized treatment goals and plans. If you have undiagnosed psychological, emotional, intellectual, or other life, work, or educational challenges then diagnostic testing and assessment can identify those challenges so as to provide important and useful information for discussing next steps. Psychological testing is useful to help develop the best plans for growth in all areas.

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Psychological Testing and learning assessment


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